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Corgi 903 Chieftain Tank

Corgi 903 Chieftain Tank

Ref: 37812

Reservation limit: 60 days
Excellent, Box Good

Price: 37.00

Military green, with black muzzle and black rubber tracks. Union flag label on the front, registration number and regimental markings front and rear. Turret swivels and barrel elevates. Firing mechanism operated by a button on the rear of the turret. Fires plastic shells, 16 supplied (says 12 on the box). Window box with expanded polystyrene inner.

In excellent condition, with ammunition unused. The window box has only very light wear.

Scale: 1:60
Length inc barrel: 190mm.
Approx Years: 1974 - 1980
Condition: Excellent, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 357g

903 Chieftain Tank

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