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Corgi 930 Drax Jet Ranger

Corgi 930 Drax Jet Ranger

Ref: 35332

Excellent. Box Fair

Price: 42.00

From the 1979 James Bond film 'Moonraker'. White, with yellow rotors, interior and side stripe. 'Drax Airlines' labels on the roof and 'Drax Enterprise Corporation Moonraker' labels with logo and yellow background on the sides. Fires plastic rockets from twin launchers under the fuselage.

This example is as new, although the ten plastic missiles originally supplied are missing; spares are obtainable from various suppliers. The box is fair-to-good, with some crumpling to the window.

Length exc rotors: 152mm.
Approx Years: 1979 - 1980
Condition: Excellent. Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 202g

930 Drax Jet Ranger

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