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Corgi C438/3 Rover 800 Sterling Police

Corgi C438/3 Rover 800 Sterling Police

Ref: 34144

Mint, Box Good

Price: 19.25

White, black body line and sunroof, grey interior with black steering wheel. Blue and white stripes on the sides with 'Police' in yellow and badge on the nearside rear. Chrome headlights and 'glazed' rear lights, twin opaque blue roof lights. Opening bonnet reveals a detailed engine in black and chrome. Opening boot and opening front doors. The front seats have tipping backs, although the car has rear doors! Black wheels with chrome centres.

In mint condition with a good window box; there is a tear and some label residue on the top, and some wear to the end flaps with a label on one.

Scale: 1:36
Length: 130mm.
Approx Years: 1986 -
Condition: Mint, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 283g

C438/3 Rover 800 Sterling Police

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