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Corgi Classics 805 1956 Mercedes 300SC

Corgi Classics 805 1956 Mercedes 300SC

Ref: 36041

Cars of the 50's series
Good, box Fair

Price: 5.50

Black, with black folded hood, and chrome plated grille, bumpers and body trim. 'Glazed' headlamps have chrome rims. Cream seats and black steering wheel; the front seats tip. Opening boot and opening bonnet, revealing a highly detailed black and chrome engine. 'W23-3607' number plates. Black wheels with silver centres.

In good-to-excellent condition, interior has discoloured somewhat and there is a mark on one headlamp rim. In a 'Cars of the 50s' window box, which has some general wear and tears at the bottom corners on one side.

Scale: 1:36
Length: 128mm.
Approx Years: 1983 -
Condition: Good, box Fair
Shipping Weight: 214g

805 1956 Mercedes 300SC

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