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Corgi Classics 812 1953 MG TF

Corgi Classics 812 1953 MG TF

Ref: 36040

RESERVED UNTIL 09/05/20  Cars of the 50's series
Excellent. Box Fair

Price: 6.50

British Racing Green, light tan seats, black folded hood, black dashboard, steering wheel, handbrake and gear lever. Chrome grille, bumpers, headlights and luggage rack. Opening two-part centre hinged bonnet, detailed black and chrome engine. 'NWX 818' number plates. Black wheels with silver centres, including rear-mounted spare.

This example is excellent, just slight ageing of the silver bumpers and windscreen surround. In a special 'Cars of the 50s' window box, which is fair-to-good; there is some general wear and a tear in one corner.

Scale: 1:36
Length: 115mm.
Approx Years: 1985 -
Condition: Excellent. Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 211g

812 1953 MG TF

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