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Corgi Classics 96990 AEC Bus Set

Corgi Classics 96990 AEC Bus Set

Ref: 33604

Limited edition
Excellent, box Good

Price: 14.50

This set consists of two AEC buses: a Regent double decker bus in 1:64 scale and a Regal single deck coach in 1:50. Both buses are in deep yellow with black side stripes/flashes, mudguards, base and interior; the Regal has a black roof too. They both have AEC badges on the sides, along with 'Regal' or 'Regent' as appropriate.

The Regal has the AEC factory address on the rear, and 'MMP 221' number plates. The Regent has registration number 'CUH 382'. Both buses have black radiator grilles with silver surrounds and headlights. The Regal has yellow wheels with black rubber tyres, while the Regent has black wheels with yellow centres.

These models are in excellent condition with a few small factory marks/box rubs. In an illustrated presentation box with Corgi Classics leaflet and certificate of authenticity; this set is number 3160 in an edition of 10000. The box has suffered some slight crushing around the edges.

Scale: 1:50/1:64
Length, longest bus: 166mm.
Approx Years: 1991 -
Condition: Excellent, box Good
Shipping Weight: 809g

96990 AEC Bus Set

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