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Corgi Classics 97184 AEC Regal 'Sheffield'

Corgi Classics 97184 AEC Regal 'Sheffield'

Ref: 33218

Limited edition
Mint, box Excellent

Price: 9.75

Cream and red coachwork with black base, matt black roof panels and red interior. 'Sheffield United Tours' logo in red on the sides and 'S.U.T.' on the front with 'Blackpool' destination board. Black radiator grille with chrome plated surround. 'HWJ 979' number plates. Red wheels with silver trim on the front, double at the rear.

This example is as new. It comes in an illustrated lidded box with certificate of authenticity; this one is number 3022 in a limited edition of 10,000. There is slight crushing and a small tear in one corner of the box.

Scale: 1:50
Length: 166mm.
Approx Years: 1991 -
Condition: Mint, box Excellent
Shipping Weight: 568g

97184 AEC Regal 'Sheffield'

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