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Corgi Classics CC85801 Reliant Regal Van 'Eddie Stobart'

Corgi Classics CC85801 Reliant Regal Van 'Eddie Stobart'

Ref: 32714

Mint, Box Mint
Price: 14.00

This is a rather nice model of the Reliant Regal Super Van III, inspired by an Eddie Stobart enthusiast's real vehicle. In ES livery of white over dark green, with red base and lower body. Opening cab doors and glazed rear door reveal a detailed black interior. 'Eddie Stobart Ltd' lettering and logos in red and gold with 'Express Road Haulage Specialist' on the sides in white lettering. Detailing includes silver headlights, black windscreen wipers and windscreen frame, red and white striped front bumper and 'YTO 885K' number plates. The three wheels are silver-grey plastic with black tyres.

This model is as new and in its Eddie Stobart window bow with illustrated inner tray.

Scale: 1:36
Length: 94mm.
Approx Years: 2001 -
Model Condition: Mint, Box Mint
Shipping Weight: 268g

CC85801 Reliant Regal Van 'Eddie Stobart'

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