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Corgi GS12 Chipperfield's Circus Crane Truck and Cage

Corgi GS12 Chipperfield's Circus Crane Truck and Cage

Ref: 33409

Fair, Box Fair

Price: 48.00

Comprises 1121 International 6x6 Crane Truck and 1123 Circus Cage. Based on an International 6x6 truck, the crane truck is finished in red with raised blue lettering and matching blue metal wheel hubs. The crane mechanism has a mustard yellow housing with a tinplate jib and unpainted metal hook. The hook can be raised and lowered by turning the handle at the rear, and the jib can also be raised and lowered with the spring-loaded rear 'ratchet'. All six wheels have suspension, and the truck is equipped with a plastic tow hook for towing the 1123 Circus Cage.

The cage has a red body with mustard yellow chassis. The red metal 2-part opening sides reveal unpainted metal bars. The sliding end doors are in blue plastic and the central divider also slides. The other side has raised blue 'Chipperfields' lettering with 'Polar Bears' decal underneath. The roof lights are amber plastic. The wheels are shaped spun metal, all with suspension, and the front ones are on a swivelling sub chassis with red plastic drawbar. There is also a tow hook on the rear. This model comes with one polar bear and two lions, all Corgi originals.

Some repairs have been carried out on these models: the crane ratchet is a replacement replica part, and there is a glue repair to one of the drawbar mountings in the trailer. The drawbar itself is partly broken, but spares are available from various sources. Otherwise these models have only light paint chipping, particularly around the edges and on the cage shutters. The crane appears to have its original cord although it is a little short.

The lidded box is also original; the id has some wear, with a surface tear and tape repair at one end. There are no internal packing pieces.

Total length inc jib: 345mm.
Approx Years: 1961 - 1964
Condition: Fair, Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 800g

GS12 Chipperfield's Circus Crane Truck and Cage

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