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Corgi GS14 Giant 'Daktari' Set INCOMPLETE

Corgi GS14 Giant 'Daktari' Set INCOMPLETE

Ref: 34591

Poor. Unboxed

Price: 12.50

Thi sset normally consists of Gift Set 7, Daktari Land Rover with figures, plus Daktari versions of the 484 Dodge Kew Fargo Livestock Transporter, with adult and baby elephant, and 503 Bedford Giraffe Transporter with 2 giraffes. In this case the Land Rover and all figures (human and otherwise) are missing, so we have just the two vehicles.

The Dodge has a blue cab with red interior, dark grey-brown chassis, and light brown rear stake body with a drop-down ramp. The cab has zebra decals on the doors, and the bonnet opens to reveal a chrome plated engine. The Bedford is a sand colour with dark-brown rear with giraffe-like markings. The cab has a silver grille, pale yellow interior and black mirrors. Both vehicles have 'Wameru Sub-District' labels on the rear body sides, and spun wheesl with black tyres.

The Dodge is complete, apart from the elephants, but is playworn and there is some tearing to the labels. The suspension is supposed to work via the prop shaft, but this is bent so the suspension doesn't work and one of the front tyres has a flat spot. The Bedford is also playworn; the rear body has a crack in one side and the rear ramp is missing, as is one cab mirror.

Length of longest vehicle: 120mm.
Approx Years: 1969 - 1973
Condition: Poor. Unboxed
Shipping Weight: 512g

GS14 Giant 'Daktari' Set INCOMPLETE

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