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Corgi GS2 Land Rover and Rices Pony Trailer

Corgi GS2 Land Rover and Rices Pony Trailer

Ref: 34261

Fair, Box Fair

Price: 26.00

This set consists of a Corgi 438 LWB Land Rover and 102 Rice's Pony Trailer.

The Land Rover is tan with creamy yellow removable plastic tilt and grey base with tinplate tow hook. The vacuum-formed interior is red with silver-grey steering wheel.

The pony trailer is matching tan with cream roof and silver-grey base, mudguards and drawbar. The rear ramp drops down, and inside is a reddish-brown plastic pony with black mane and tail and brown coat. Both Land Rover and trailer have shaped spun hubs and black tyres; the Land Rover has suspension.

The Land Rover is in fair condition with some fairly heavy paint chipping especially on the roof There should be a plastic tilt covering the rear but this is missing. The trailer is in better condition with chipping on the mudguards but otherwise very good paintwork and complete with pony. The card box has one end flap missing but is other wise in good condition, and the inner tray is good too.

Length: 181mm.
Approx Years: 1958 - 1968
Condition: Fair, Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 351g

GS2 Land Rover and Rices Pony Trailer

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