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Corgi GS27 Priestman Shovel on Machinery Carrier

Corgi GS27 Priestman Shovel on Machinery Carrier

Ref: 37247

Excellent, box Good

Price: 160.00

Gift Set 27, comprising models 1128 Priestman Cub Shovel and 1131 Bedford TK Machinery Carrier.

The Priestman Cub Shovel is one of my favourite Corgi models ever- it's just so well-engineered and clever! There is a single knob on the side of the body, and as you turn it the arm and shovel go through the whole digging cycle: scoop, lift and dump. You have to have a go to appreciate it! In addition there is a locking lever which allows the body to rotate on its chassis or locks it in place.

The model has all the usual Corgi attention to detail, with the driver at the controls in the cab and 'PRIESTMAN CUB V' and 'PRIESTMAN' decals. This example is in superb mint condition.

The Machinery Transporter is ideally suited to hauling this digger, the silver trailer having a removable rear axle assembly and folding ramps so that it can drive straight on. The Bedford TK cab is in blue with yellow interior and has separate rear view mirrors and detailed wheels. The transporter is in very near mint condition.

A great-looking set, one of Corgi's best and very popular in its day because of its great play value. Complete with its original box; the polystyrene tray is somewhat discoloured but has no damage. The lid has some ageing and a little crumpling, but no tears. There is a price label of 27/6 (twenty seven shillings and sixpence) on one end. Supplied with a copy of the original instruction sheet.

Scale: 1:47
Length: 240mm.
Approx Years: 1963 - 1972
Condition: Excellent, box Good
Shipping Weight: 690g

GS27 Priestman Shovel on Machinery Carrier

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