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Corgi GS40 The Avengers Set

Corgi GS40 The Avengers Set

Ref: 37102

Good, box Fair

Price: 179.00

From the 1960s British spy-fi TV series. This two vehicle set consists of John Steed's vintage Bentley and Emma Peel's Lotus Elan. The Bentley is the later release in red with black chassis, wings and folded hood. The interior is brown with tan dashboard and John Steed figure looking very dapper in grey suit and matching bowler hat. The grille is black with silver metal surround and the underside of the car has silver painted drive train and bronze exhaust. The wheels are the unpainted metal wire type with black tyres.

Miss Peel's Elan is white, with black interior and brown dashboard. The bonnet opens to reveal a detailed engine, and the seats tip. Complete with standing Emma Peel figure, no doubt wondering where her car's gone.

The set should also include 3 plastic folded umbrellas, Steed's trade mark, but only one of them is present - the others are probably in lost property somewhere.

Both vehicles are in good condition with light general play wear, and the figures are excellent. The box still has its inner tray, but the outer box is missing one end flap; otherwise it is good.

Length (Bentley): 99mm.
Approx Years: 1966 - 1969
Condition: Good, box Fair
Shipping Weight: 306g

GS40 The Avengers Set

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