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Corgi GS7 'Daktari' Gift Set

Corgi GS7 'Daktari' Gift Set

Ref: 29687

Good, Box Fair
Price: 55.00

From the U.S. children's TV series about a field vet in Africa, originally broadcast between 1966 and 1969 (Daktari is Swahili for Doctor).

The set features Corgi 438 Land Rover in green with black zebra stripes, grey base and pale yellow interior. On the front are 'WAMERU SUB-DISTRICT' and 'TJ67400' decals. The wheels have shaped spun hubs with black tyres and suspension.

There are 4 figures: Dr Marsh Tracy, his daughter Paula, Clarence the cross-eyed lion, and, defying conventional wisdom regarding the continental distribution of larger members of the cat family, a tiger sitting on the bonnet. There should also be a figure of Judy the chimpanzee sitting on Dr Tracy's knee, but she is missing as is Dr Tracy's stethoscope and Clarence's spectacles. All of these are obtainable as replica parts from various sources.

Nevertheless, the Land Rover and remaining figures are in excellent condition. The box is worn: one inner flap is missing and one main outer flap is detached. The window is intact although a bit sticky at one end.

Scale: 1:46
Length: 96mm.
Approx Years: 1968 - 1976
Model Condition: Good, Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 235g

GS7 'Daktari' Gift Set

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