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Corgi GS7 Daktari Gift Set

Corgi GS7 Daktari Gift Set

Ref: 37117

Excellent, box Fair

Price: 140.00

From the U.S. children's TV series about a field vet in Africa, originally broadcast between 1966 and 1969 (Daktari is Swahili for Doctor).

The set features Corgi 438 Land Rover in green with black zebra stripes, grey base and pale yellow interior. 'WAMERU SUB-DISTRICT' and 'TJ67400' decals. Spun wheels with black tyres. There are 5 figures: Paula, Dr Marsh Tracy with chimp Judy on lap, Clarence the cross-eyed lion and a tiger sitting on the bonnet (tigers are quite rare in Africa!)

Dr Tracy has lost his stethoscope, but otherwise this set is complete and in excellent condition. Clarence still has his spectacles! The box is worn: it is complete, but one end flap and one inner flap are detached. The original price of five shillings and ninepence is marked on one end.

Length: 96mm.
Approx Years: 1968 - 1976
Condition: Excellent, box Fair
Shipping Weight: 255g

GS7 Daktari Gift Set

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