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Dinky 104 Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle

Dinky 104 Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle

Ref: 33163

Good, Box Fair
Price: 54.00

A Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (SPV) from the popular TV series Captain Scarlet. This is the version with metallic blue-grey body and base and white front bumper. There are 'Spectrum' logo labels on the front and sides. The rocket hatch at the front opens and the rocket missile fires when you press down on the suspension, and the side door opens when you operate the roof switch, revealing a drop-down driver's seat. A thumbwheel at the rear of the roof raises and lowers the twin roof aerials. The rear tracks are mounted on an unpainted metal frame which folds down for deployment.

This model has light general play wear but is still very displayable. The opening side door and front missile launcher are in working order. The folding roof aerials, missile and 'SPV' labels are modern replacement parts, but the 'Spectrum' roundel labels are original. The Captain Scarlet driver figure is missing; these are available as replica parts from various suppliers. The original box is also supplied; the inner stand has a couple of tears in the base but is reasonably good. The outer box is missing one end flap and the tab is detached from the other.

Length: 160mm.
Approx Years: 1968 - 1975
Condition: Good, Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 520g

104 Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle

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