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Dinky 106 'The Prisoner' Mini Moke

Dinky 106 'The Prisoner' Mini Moke

Ref: 30462

Fair, Box Fair

Price: 58.00


As featured in the classic UK cult TV series 'The Prisoner', first broadcast in 1967 and 1968. White, with brown side steps and side panels, black steering wheel and silver windscreen frame. The white plastic canopy has a red and white striped label and is removable. The bonnet opens to reveal a gold painted engine. The model is fitted with a white plastic aerial which is an accurate reproduction part, and 'Taxi' number plates. The wheels have shaped spun hubs and black tyres.

This example has good-to-excellent paintwork with a few chips on the corners. The roof if also very good although the striped label has discoloured with age. There are some parts missing, all of which are available as reproduction parts from various sources: the penny-farthing decal on the bonnet, the spare wheel cover and the window glazing.

The model comes in its original box which is complete but showing signs of wear along the edges, and with a surface tear on one end flap.

Length: 74mm.
Approx Years: 1967 - 1970
Model Condition: Fair, Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 125g

106 'The Prisoner' Mini Moke

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