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Dinky 109 Austin-Healey 100 Sports

Dinky 109 Austin-Healey 100 Sports

Ref: 32570

Fair, Box Good
Price: 70.00

In cream with silver trim, red interior and black steering wheel. This is the competition version of Dinky number 103, and the driver has white racing overalls and helmet. The model should also have racing number 23 on the bonnet and doors, but these appear to have been removed. The wheels are red with black tyres, and the mottled tinplate base shows number 109.

Apart from the missing racing numbers this model is in very good condition, with only a few tiny marks on the bodywork and a larger paint chip on the driver's shoulder. The windscreen is intact, the tyres excellent and the axles rust free. The original box is very good with some wear to the edges of the flaps; one inner flap's hinge is partly torn. A price of 4/3 (four shillings and threepence) is written in pencil on one end.

In good condition with light general playwear and some loss to the side decals. The windscreen is intact and the tyres are original and excellent. The box is also original and complete, although rather worn around the flaps.

Length: 85mm.
Approx Years: 1955 - 1959
Model Condition: Fair, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 140g

109 Austin-Healey 100 Sports

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