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Dinky 111 Triumph TR2 Sports

Dinky 111 Triumph TR2 Sports

Ref: 33852

For restoration
Poor, Unboxed

Price: 10.50

This classic British sports car is in turquoise with silver grille, bumpers and headlights, red interior and cream steering wheel. This is the Competition version of Dinky number 105, which means it has a driver in racing overalls and helmet, and should also have racing number 25 on the bonnet and doors. The tinplate base is mottled black and the wheels have red cast hubs and smooth black tyres.

This one is played-with condition with heavy chipping along the wings. The racing numbers have worn off and part of the windscreen is missing. The steering wheel and driver, however, are still present and correct. Tyres are original and have hardened, with a few small cracks.

Length: 85mm.
Approx Years: 1956 - 1959
Condition: Poor, Unboxed
Shipping Weight: 70g

111 Triumph TR2 Sports

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