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Dinky 114 Triumph Spitfire

Dinky 114 Triumph Spitfire

Ref: 34277

Fair, Unboxed

Price: 10.00

Metallic silver-grey body, red interior, and matt black cast base and engine. Silver grille, bumpers and headlights. Opening bonnet reveals detailed engine. Spun metal wheels with black tyres, suspension and 'Prestomatic' fingertip steering.

The bodywork has some general paint chipping but because of the paint colour this is not too prominent. There is some paint loss front the interior floor though. The windscreen is a modern replica part and as such is undamaged, although it needs securing. The driver figure and seat belt are missing, but replacements are available from various sources. The tyres are excellent.

Length: 89mm.
Approx Years: 1963 - 1965
Condition: Fair, Unboxed
Shipping Weight: 140g

114 Triumph Spitfire

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