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Dinky 118 Towaway Glider Set

Dinky 118 Towaway Glider Set

Ref: 38870

One wing missing
Good, unboxed

Price: 57.00

This gift set consists of Dinky number 135, Triumph 2000 and an all-plastic trailer containing a plastic clip-together glider. The car is light cream, with a blue roof and detailed silver base. The grille, headlights and bumpers are silver, and the rear lights red. The interior is red with cream steering wheel. The bonnet opens to reveal a detailed silver engine, and the boot opens too. The wheels are spun metal with black tyres, suspension and fingertip steering.

The trailer is cream, with a removable clear plastic cover and a grey drop-down ramp. 'SOUTHDOWN GLIDING CLUB' labels on the sides, and 'CAUTION 22ft LONG TRAILER' on the rear. With spun metal wheels to match the car, and a tow hitch that engages with a slot in the rear of the car's base. The glider has a yellow fuselage with clear canopy and red wings.

Unfortunately one of the glider's wings is missing, but otherwise this set is in excellent condition. The car has a few very small rubs on raised body lines, and there is a small nick in one corner of the trailer cover. The labels are intact but have slight ageing.

Length: 287mm.
Approx Years: 1965 - 1969
Condition: Good, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 290g

118 Towaway Glider Set

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