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Dinky 120 Jaguar 'E' Type

Dinky 120 Jaguar 'E' Type

Ref: 32127

Excellent, Box Good
Price: 79.00

In shiny red with silver headlights and bumpers. The interior is cream, with black steering wheel and clear plastic windscreen and detailed dashboard. This model comes with interchangeable light beige folded hood and black hardtop with clear windows. The wheels are spun metal with black treaded tyres, with suspension and fingertip steering.

The paintwork is in excellent condition apart from a small paint chip on one front wing. The hardtop has some rippling on the top, which I have seen before on this Dinky model and appears to be caused by a reaction between the black plastic part and the adhesive that holds it to the glazing unit. The original box is complete and in good shape but a little grubby due to age. The price of 6/- (six shillings) is written ono ne end flap.

Length: 92mm.
Approx Years: 1962 - 1967
Model Condition: Excellent, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 80g

120 Jaguar 'E' Type

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