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Dinky 130 Ford Consul Corsair

Dinky 130 Ford Consul Corsair

Ref: 36283

Fair. Unboxed

Price: 10.00

Metallic red, matt black metal base, off-white interior with black steering wheel. The front windows slide up and down, and this is the harder-to-find version with a chauffeur figure. The Bonnet opens when you press a button under the front of the car, revealing a detailed silver-painted engine, and the car has 'jewelled' headlights With spun metal wheels, 'Prestomatic' steering and suspension.

This one has some fairly heavy paint chipping, particularly on the roof. Everything works though, and the tyres are good.

Apart from the missing headlight, which requires a 3.5mm white jewel, this model is in fair-to-good condition. With a paint chip on the boot lid and some heavier paint loss along the body waistline and the front corners.

Length: 107mm.
Approx Years: 1964 - 1966
Condition: Fair. Unboxed
Shipping Weight: 169g

130 Ford Consul Corsair

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