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Dinky 154 Hillman Minx

Dinky 154 Hillman Minx

Ref: 32370

Excellent, box Good

Price: 98.00

In dark tan with silver trim on the bumpers, grille and headlights. This is one of the scarcer variants, having fawn ridged hubs (rather than the more common cream) and smooth black tyres. The roof has 'Hillman Minx' cast on the underside. The baseplate is mottled and is the 1st type with smaller lettering and raised rails.

This is a very nice example, near mint apart from two small paint chips on one rear door and some slight box rub on raised body lines. The box itself is in good shape, with a little wear around the edges and flaps which have the correct colour spots.. The original price of 3/3 (three shillings and threepence) is written in pencil on one end.

Scale: 1:45
Length: 88mm.
Approx Years: 1954 - 1959
Condition: Excellent, box Good
Shipping Weight: 135g

154 Hillman Minx

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