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Dinky 171 Austin 1800

Dinky 171 Austin 1800

Ref: 31104

Excellent, Box Good

Price: 89.00

This is the less common light blue version of the Dinky Austin 1800, with red interior and matt black base. The bonnet opens to reveal a silver painted engine, and the boot opens also. The bumpers and grille are silver with 'Jewelled' headlights and red painted lights at the rear. The windows are clear plastic with silver foil edging and the model has 'UVR 576B' registration number plates front and rear. The wheels have spun hubs with black tyres, suspension and 'Prestomatic' steering.

This example is in excellent condition, There is slight rubbing on the edges of the boot lid and bonnet, on the roof gutters and above the headlamps. There is also a faint scratch on one front wing but this is hard to see.

The box is the later type window box, and is in reasonably good condition with some crumpling and surface tears/tape marks on the top. There is a small tear in the top of the window.

Length: 99mm.
Approx Years: 1965 - 1968
Condition: Excellent, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 183g

171 Austin 1800

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