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Dinky 176 NSU Ro 80

Dinky 176 NSU Ro 80

Ref: 32104

Excellent, Box Good
Price: 43.00

The NSU Ro 80 was notable for its striking aerodynamic styling and its Wankel twin-rotor rotary engine. It was voted Car of the Year in 1968 but quickly acquired a reputation for unreliability as the engine was easy to over-rev and the rotor seals wore out very quickly. A conversion kit was even developed in the UK to allow users to replace the rotary engine with a Ford V4 unit! Although most of the reliability problems were eventually engineered out, the Ro 80 never really lost its reputation. Nevertheless, it enjoyed a 10 year production run.

The Dinky model is finished in dark metallic red with silver metal base, grille and bumpers. The interior is off white with black steering wheel, and has the peculiar property of glowing in the dark! The model's chief claim to fame however is that it is fitted with operating headlights and rear lights, powered by an AAA battery and two tiny light bulbs, one at each end of the car. The lights are turned on by pressing down on the suspension at the corresponding end of the car, or in the middle to turn both front and rear lights on. The wheels are spun metal with black tyres.

This example is in excellent condition and the lights work perfectly. Both licence plate labels are intact. There is a paint chip on one rear corner and some vey small rubs around the windows. The model comes with its original illustrated card box with inner display stand which has light wear only, and is complete with instruction sheet.

Battery not included.

Length: 115mm.
Approx Years: 1969 - 1974
Model Condition: Excellent, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 204g

176 NSU Ro 80

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