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Dinky 192 De Soto Fireflite Sedan

Dinky 192 De Soto Fireflite Sedan

Ref: 39918

REDUCED PRICE: was 54.00
Excellent, unboxed

Price: 40.50

Grey body, with red roof and side flashes, silver bumpers, grille and headlights. The windows have clear glazing and the tinplate base is gloss black with model number. Wheels are spun metal with white treaded tyres.

With generally excellent paintwork; there are some rubs on the edges of the rear wheel arches, and one or two micro chips elsewhere. Some silver superdetailing has been applied to the window frames. The tyres have hardened and have some hairline cracks, and the rear ones have slight flat spots.

Scale: 1:48
Length: 114mm.
Approx Years: 1959 - 1964
Condition: Excellent, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 148g

192 De Soto Fireflite Sedan

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