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Dinky 195 Jaguar 3.4 Saloon MKII

Dinky 195 Jaguar 3.4 Saloon MKII

Ref: 38079

Reservation limit: 30 days
Excellent, box Good

Price: 70.00

This model is finished in the attractive colour scheme of maroon with silver trim, with the rear lights picked out in orange. The interior is off-white with black steering wheel, and the tinplate base is gloss black. Wheels are spun metal with black 'M' tyres, suspension and fingertip steering.

This model is near mint, apart from a small chip on the front passenger door. The box is in poor condition, having lost the flaps from one end. The box has general ageing and a repair to the hinge of one end flap - the repair is on the inside. One of the inner flaps at the other end has a part-torn hinge. The price of 3/11 (three shillings and elevenpence) is written in pencil on one end.

Length: 97mm.
Approx Years: 1961 - 1971
Condition: Excellent, box Good
Shipping Weight: 110g

195 Jaguar 3.4 Saloon MKII

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