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Dinky 223 McLaren M8A Can-Am

Dinky 223 McLaren M8A Can-Am

Ref: 29623

Good, Box Excellent

Price: 19.50

Metallic green body, black plastic engine and base. White interior, black steering wheel and clear windscreen. Engine cover opens. This is the later issue with Speedwheels.

This example is generally as new but there are three oxidation marks on the paintwork where the model has pressed against the backing card. Also, there is a racing number 5 on one side but not on the other. The model comes with an unused decal sheet and a window box which has light shop soiling and a retailer's mark on the back.

Length: 93mm.
Approx Years: 1976 - 1978
Condition: Good, Box Excellent
Shipping Weight: 162g

223 McLaren M8A Can-Am

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