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Dinky 23p Gardner's MG Record Car

Dinky 23p Gardner's MG Record Car

Ref: 40168

Reservation limit: 30 days
Fair, unboxed

Price: 23.00

This is a model of the car in which Major A.G. Gardner set speed records of just over 200 MPH for cars under 1100cc, and later 1500cc, in 1939. Originally an MG Magnette racer, Gardner had the original body replaced with an all-enveloping one.

In dark green with white driver's helmet and silver windscreen. White flashes and Union flags on the sides, white MG badge on the front. This is an early post-war issue, with black tinplate base with 'MG Record Car' lettering and dimpled rivets, but with the pre-war style smooth black wheels and the early type grey treaded tyres.

This one looks as though it has been at least partly repainted, although the decals appear old. It may just be a poor original finish. The baseplate and tyres are good, and the axles rust-free.

Length: 105mm.
Approx Years: 1946 - 1947
Condition: Fair, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 116g

23p Gardner's MG Record Car

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