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Dinky 253 Daimler Ambulance

Dinky 253 Daimler Ambulance

Ref: 37757

REDUCED PRICE: was 54.00
Reservation limit: 30 days
Excellent, box Fair

Price: 40.50

White semi-gloss finish, with red crosses on the sides and silver grille, bumper and headlights. This is a later issue, with clear window glazing. With gloss black tinplate base, and red cast ridged wheels with 'M' tyres.

This one has a small paint chip at one rear corner of the roof, but otherwise the white paintwork is excellent. There is some box rubbing to the red crosses. The tyres are excellent, and the baseplate and axles rust-free. The box has general age wear, and one inner flap is detached.

Scale: 1:59
Length: 98mm.
Approx Years: 1960 - 1962
Condition: Excellent, box Fair
Shipping Weight: 200g

253 Daimler Ambulance

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