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Dinky 254 Police Range Rover

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Dinky 254 Police Range Rover

Ref: 35864

Excellent. Box Good

Price: 28.00

White, unpainted metal base and grille, light blue interior. Orange side stripes with blue border. Opening bonnet, silver engine. Jewelled headlights, 'MTB 21K' number plates. Opening doors, tipping front seats, black steering wheel (left-hand drive!). Two-part opening tailgate. Roof sign with 'POLICE' on both sides, blue light and white aerial. Unpainted metal Speedwheels with black tyres and suspension.

In excellent condition, a few small paint chips on the body corners, and a small mark at the rear of the roof. The labels are all unmarked. The original box is good-to-excellent, just a little wear around the edges of the flaps.

Length: 106mm.
Approx Years: 1971 - 1981
Condition: Excellent. Box Good
Shipping Weight: 222g

254 Police Range Rover

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