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Dinky 255 Police Mini Clubman

Dinky 255 Police Mini Clubman

Ref: 35331

Excellent, Box Fair

Price: 19.50

Light blue with white doors and silver base, grille and bumpers. The doors open to reveal a detailed black interior. 'Police' labels on the doors and on either side of the roof sign. Black wheels.

This example is near mint; the label on the rear of the roof sign has been applied at an angle, but could probably be peeled off carefully and reapplied. There is some slight rubbing on the edge of the roof. The window box is complete and in fair condition with light general wear and some crumpling to the window.

Length: 82mm.
Approx Years: 1977 - 1979
Condition: Excellent, Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 142g

255 Police Mini Clubman

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