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Dinky 25a Wagon

Dinky 25a Wagon

Ref: 39951

Good, unboxed

Price: 28.50

This post-war issue is in saxe blue with black type 3 plain closed chassis, with integral tow hook but no front bumper. With unpainted diecast radiator and headlamps, and '20' plate decal on the rear. The ridged black wheels are on crimped axles with black tyres.

This is a good example, with light general play wear. There are two larger paint chips on the edge of the cab roof, and another on the load bed. The axles are bright and rust-free, and the tyres are excellent.

Length: 105mm.
Approx Years: 1947 - 1948
Condition: Good, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 129g

25a Wagon

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