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Dinky 261 Telephone Service Van

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Dinky 261 Telephone Service Van

Ref: 31028

Good, Unboxed

Price: 48.75

This Morris Z series van was once a familiar sight on the roads of Britain, in the days when the Post Office ran the telephone network. In dark green with matt black roof and grille and black tinplate base. On the roof is mounted a silver tinplate ladder. There is 'Post Office Telephones' lettering on the cab doors in white and a royal crest on the sides in black, gold and red. The wheels are a slightly lighter shade of green and have smooth black tyres.

This example is in good-to-excellent condition with slight chipping/rubbing around the edges. One of the front tyres has some cracks in it, but spares are readily available. This model looks very good on display.

Length: 73mm.
Approx Years: 1955 - 1961
Condition: Good, Unboxed
Shipping Weight: 110g

261 Telephone Service Van

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