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Dinky 268 Range Rover Ambulance

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Dinky 268 Range Rover Ambulance

Ref: 35865

Excellent. Box Good

Price: 25.00

White, unpainted metal base and grille, light blue interior. Jewelled headlights, red rear lights, and 'UVR 77M' number plate on the rear (none on the front). Roof sign with 'AMBULANCE' on the front and blue light. Opening bonnet, silver engine. Opening doors with 'AMBULANCE' labels, black steering wheel, blue tinted windows. Two-part opening tailgate. 'UVR 77M' number plates. Removable plastic stretcher with patient. Unpainted metal Speedwheels with black tyres and suspension.

Excellent condition, a couple of small chips on the roof edges and a few small marks around the door openings. The bubble pack and cardboard plinth is good-to-excellent; some small tears in the plinth but no damage to the plastic bubble, just slight discolouration.

Length: 108mm.
Approx Years: 1973 - 1977
Condition: Excellent. Box Good
Shipping Weight: 246g

268 Range Rover Ambulance

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