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Dinky 27AK Farm Tractor and Hay Rake

Dinky 27AK Farm Tractor and Hay Rake

Ref: 33312

Good, box Good

Price: 89.00

This set consists of 27a (300) Massey Harris Tractor and 27k (324) Hay Rake. The tractor is red with black steering wheel, exhaust and driver's seat. Cast metal driver in tan with pink face. 'Massey Harris' on the engine cover sides in yellow lettering. The wheels are cast metal with unpainted treads and yellow centres and the tinplate base is mottled black. The front axle carrier may be positioned to steer the tractor, and at the rear is a tinplate hook for coupling the rake.

The hay rake has a red frame with unpainted wire tines and yellow metal spoked wheels. An unpainted metal lever is used to raise and lower the tines.

These models are in very good condition apart from the fact that most of the tractor's steering wheel is missing. Reproduction spares are available from various sources, so it would be a fairly easy to repair. Otherwise the paintwork is nice and bright; there is a chip on the front of the engine cover and a few smaller chips/rubs elsewhere.

The box is complete with its internal packing piece and has no splits. The lid is a little indented and there is a small puncture caused by the exhaust.

Length: 160mm.
Approx Years: 1952 - 1954
Condition: Good, box Good
Shipping Weight: 368g

27AK Farm Tractor and Hay Rake

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