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Dinky 286 Ford Transit Fire Appliance

Dinky 286 Ford Transit Fire Appliance

Ref: 36928

Excellent, box Good

Price: 68.50

This feature-packed model is in metallic red, with silver trim to grille and bumpers, and black base. The interior is off-white with black steering wheel. On the roof is a yellow roof rack with unpainted metal ladder and twin bells. At the front are jewelled headlights and aerial, and on the sides 'Fire Service' labels. 'MTB 21K' number plates front and rear.

Sliding cab door and opening side door, incorporating two yellow and silver axes in a holder. Opening rear doors, silver and red pump inside with yellow pull-out hose with unpainted metal nozzle. The hose locks in place by lifting a lever accessible through the side door, and retracts automatically when the lever is lowered.

In excellent condition, there are a couple of small chips on the bonnet and a few little marks elsewhere. The hose mechanism works perfectly. The model is in its original box, which is good-to-excellent.

Length: 123mm.
Approx Years: 1969 - 1979
Condition: Excellent, box Good
Shipping Weight: 337g

286 Ford Transit Fire Appliance

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