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Dinky 352 Ed Straker's Car

Dinky 352 Ed Straker's Car

Ref: 37445

Fair, unboxed

Price: 16.50

As featured in the UK television series 'UFO'. This was a 1970s sci-fi series produced by Gerry Anderson, also famous for 'Thunderbirds' and 'Captain Scarlet'. The series was about an organisation called 'SHADO' which was dedicated to defending the Earth against alien attack, and was run by Commander Ed Straker.

This model of Ed's car is gold plated with unpainted metal base, blue interior and 'pull back and go' motor. It is in fair-to-good condition with paint chipping on the body edges. The motor does not work very well, but the tyres are good.

Length: 125mm.
Approx Years: 1971 - 1975
Condition: Fair, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 215g

352 Ed Straker's Car

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