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Dinky 36g Taxi

Dinky 36g Taxi

Ref: 39967

REDUCED PRICE: was 90.00
Good, unboxed

Price: 67.50

This is an early post-war issue of the 36g taxi, which was originally introduced in 1936 and is based on an Austin 12/4 taxi. Green body with black roof and mudguards, and with grille, headlights, TAXI sign and meter picked out in silver. The matt black base as the front seat, driver and steering wheel cast in. This is the first type casting, with a rear window, and the black wheels are the smooth pre-war type, but on the thicker post-war axles.

In good played-with condition, with chipping around the edges of the roof and mudguards. The interior is rather dusty and there is some surface rust on the axles. The tyres are in good shape; one of the rear ones appears to be a replacement.

Length: 73mm.
Approx Years: 1936 - 1946
Condition: Good, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 135g

36g Taxi

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