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Dinky 430 Commer Breakdown Lorry

Dinky 430 Commer Breakdown Lorry

Ref: 26854

Fair, Box Good

Price: 54.00

Dark tan cab and chassis, green rear body, black 'DINKY SERVICE' lettering. Mottled tinplate base. This is an early version with red metal wheel hubs and smooth tyres.

This is a played-with example in fair-to-good condition with general paint chipping especially on the crane jib. The tyres are in good condition but the front axle is slightly bent. The crane works - it has been re-strung and the hook/weight assembly is a modern replica. The weight (not the hook) needs to be painted black to match the original.

The lidded striped box is in good order, a little grubby but no splits or tears.

Length: 120mm.
Approx Years: 1954 - 1964
Condition: Fair, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 270g

430 Commer Breakdown Lorry

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