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Dinky 44b Motor Cycle Patrol 'AA'

Dinky 44b Motor Cycle Patrol 'AA'

Ref: 33435

Good. Unboxed

Price: 28.25

Black motorcycle with silver headlight, dark tan rider with brown gloves. Yellow sidecar with black mudguard. This is an early release with the smaller 5mm 'AA' (Automobile Association) emblem in black on sidecar, and white (pale grey really) rubber wheels.

This example is in played-with condition with paint chipping on the driver and edges of the sidecar. The sidecar's mudguard appears to have been repainted. The wheels are in very good condition though and are still supple, and the axles are rust-free. These models were not sold with individual boxes.

I remember when AA patrols used to salute when they passed motor cars bearing an AA badge. It was a very different world then!

Length: 47mm.
Approx Years: 1935 - 1940
Condition: Good. Unboxed
Shipping Weight: 50g

44b Motor Cycle Patrol 'AA'

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