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Dinky 452 Trojan 15cwt Van 'Chivers Jellies'

Dinky 452 Trojan 15cwt Van 'Chivers Jellies'

Ref: 31697

Excellent, Box Good

Price: 125.00


Dark to mid green body with silver trim to the front bumper, headlights and grille, and mottled tinplate base. 'Chivers Jellies always turn out well' lettering on the sides with jelly motif in black, white and red. Mid green ridged wheels with black tyres.

This is a lovely near mint example, slight box rubbing on the roof and a tiny mark on the bonnet. This model was renumbered from 31c in 1954, and the box is an early one with dual numbering. It is in good condition with general age wear and some crushing at the ends. The original price of 2/6 (two shillings and sixpence) is written on one end flap.

Length: 85mm.
Approx Years: 1954 - 1957
Model Condition: Excellent, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 165g

452 Trojan 15cwt Van 'Chivers Jellies'

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