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Dinky 501 Foden Diesel 8-Wheel Wagon

Dinky 501 Foden Diesel 8-Wheel Wagon

Ref: 39803

Fair, unboxed

Price: 37.50

This is an early example of the 501 Diesel Wagon in grey with black chassis. The first type Foden 'DG' cab has a red side flash and silver grille, headlights and bumper. Unlike later versions, this one does not have a tow hook, and there are no tank slits in the chassis or chain-post bosses. The wheels are red with black tyres.

This one has moderate paint chipping and some surface rust on the baseplate and axles, but is still quite presentable. All but one of the tyres are original, black with the early 'herringbone' pattern. The other is a replacement with the later straight tread. The spare tyre is missing.

Scale: 1:48
Length: 188mm.
Approx Years: 1947 - 1948
Condition: Fair, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 450g

501 Foden Diesel 8-Wheel Wagon

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