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Dinky 522 Big Bedford Lorry

Dinky 522 Big Bedford Lorry

Ref: 39602

522, 922 or 408
Fair, unboxed

Price: 19.50

This Bedford S-Type or 'Big Bedford' lorry has a maroon cab and chassis, and tan dropside body. Silver trim to the grille and headlights, black tinplate tow hook and cab base. Fawn Supertoys wheels with grey tyres, including the spare. Originally numbered 522, this model was renumbered to 922 in 1954, then again to 408 in 1956; however, the '522' cast on the underside remained throughout.

This one has heavy paint loss on the cab roof, but moderate play wear elsewhere. The original tyres have hardened with age, and the nearside ones have flat spots.

Scale: 1:48
Length: 149mm.
Approx Years: 1952 - 1960
Condition: Fair, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 288g

522 Big Bedford Lorry

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