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Dinky 564 Elevator Loader

Dinky 564 Elevator Loader

Ref: 37766

Poor, box Fair

Price: 13.00

This model is based on a real piece of equipment made by Barber-Greene, Olding & Co. Ltd. In yellow with mid blue hopper and chute. This model should have a rubber belt conveyor is operated by the side handle, but unfortunately the belt is missing altogether. A lever on the other side raises and lowers the hopper. The upper chute swivels and the model is fitted with a drawbar for towing. The wheels have grey tyres and blue 'Supertoys' hubs.

Apart from the missing belt, the tailboard for the hopper is also missing, and there is some paint chipping around the edges. The box is the early blue type, with orange, white and black end labels. It is worn around the edges, and has some splits in the lid which have been repaired from the inside. There is also a puncture in one side. The price of 22/4 (twenty-four shillings and fourpence) is written on one end.

Length: 225mm.
Approx Years: 1952 - 1954
Condition: Poor, box Fair
Shipping Weight: 785g

564 Elevator Loader

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