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Dinky 673 Submarine Chaser

Dinky 673 Submarine Chaser

Ref: 37595

Reservation limit: 60 days
Good, box Good

Price: 19.25

Dark grey hull, light grey deck, pale grey superstructure. '2' labels at the bow. Mast, aerial, radar and swivelling front gun turret all in black plastic. This model comes with 6 yellow plastic depth charges that can be launched by turning the thumbwheels at the stern. On the underside are three small wheels.

This example is in very good condition, just some oxidation on one side of the hull. The box is good too, with light wear only.

Length: 198mm.
Approx Years: 1977 - 1978
Condition: Good, box Good
Shipping Weight: 350g

673 Submarine Chaser

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