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Dinky 697 25 Pounder Field Gun Set

Dinky 697 25 Pounder Field Gun Set

Ref: 40438

Good, box Good

Price: 58.50

This set consists of 688 Field Artillery Tractor, 687 Gun Limber, and 686 25-pounder field gun. In military green, the tractor and limber with a satin finish and the gun matt. The tractor has a spare wheel and driver figure, red rear lights, and small square red and blue Royal Artillery markings on the front and rear. The elevation of the gun barrel may be adjusted. The wheels on all vehicles have cast ridged hubs with black treaded tyres.

This set is in good-to-excellent condition. There is some paint loss from the drawbar of the limber, and a patch of discolouration on the tractor roof. The box is generally excellent, with no splits, although one packing piece is missing. The display There is a 1957 date stamp on the inside of the lid.

Length: 212mm.
Approx Years: 1957 - 1961
Condition: Good, box Good
Shipping Weight: 316g

697 25 Pounder Field Gun Set

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