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Dinky 722 Hawker Harrier

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Dinky 722 Hawker Harrier

Ref: 34834

Good. Unboxed

Price: 27.00

An attractive model of this famous 'jump jet', capable of vertical take-off and landing. The upper half of the fuselage and wings are steel blue with matt olive camouflage markings, and the lower fuselage is light grey. There are RAF markings on the wings, fuselage and tail, and a glazed cockpit. By moving the sliding switch on the top of the fuselage the front and rear main undercarriage can be raised and lowered, and at the same time the jet exhausts swivel to provide downward or forward thrust as required. The wing-tip undercarriage can be raised and lowered manually.

This model is in very good condition with very few marks on the paintwork, and the cockpit canopy and pilot are present and correct; there is a slight hairline crack in the canopy but it is not very noticeable.. The only thing missing is the extension from the tip of the nose cone. The tail labels are slightly faded.

Length: 191mm.
Approx Years: 1970 - 1980
Condition: Good. Unboxed
Shipping Weight: 280g

722 Hawker Harrier

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