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Dinky 751 Lawn Mower

Dinky 751 Lawn Mower

Ref: 37778

Good, box Fair

Price: 42.75

This large scale lawn mower is green, with red cutters and unpainted metal rollers. It has a split rear roller, which drives the cutter reel via a nicely-engineered system of cog wheels as the model is pushed along. The grass box is removable, and has a red interior with 'DINKY SUPERTOYS Made in England by Meccano Ltd' cast in.

In good-to-excellent condition, with very light play wear. There is some surface rust on the front roller, but the axles are rust-free and the mechanism works perfectly. The model comes in its original blue lidded box, with Supertoys label in orange, black and white. The box has general wear with fading to the lid, but there are no splits. There is some graffiti on the label.

Height: 84mm.
Approx Years: 1949 - 1954
Condition: Good, box Fair
Shipping Weight: 197g

751 Lawn Mower

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